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ROOTS ...their roots give names to all things...

March 2017

HYF Den Haag, Netherlands


I prepare a bowl with some grated beet roots, place a grater under the chair and a shoe on the chair.

I put my dress covering upper part of the body, immobilizing my hands, and come to the chair constantly repeating same lullaby motif. 

I fall on my knees and fill my mouth with the beets. I spit it in the shoe. Repeat several times with my hands up.

I put on the shoe filled with beets. 

I approach the wall. I draw on the wall with the foot, I douse my foot several times in the shoe to continue drawing.

I come back to the chair, climb on it with the bowl on my head and a shoe on. In the middle of the song the bowl falls from my head together with the dress. 

I go away with one shoe on stepping on the glass. 


ROOTS is a series of performances with ritualistic character. It was created as an attempt to organize my own mixed feelings about femininity and a profound shame and vulnerability connected to its socially-constructed set of behavioral rules and attributes (special case - eastern european culture). Through folkloric symbols I am looking for a bridge between a female of the past and the future.

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