"Bauge creates embodied experiences re-imagining identity, time and places. She draws upon deeply personal observations in a fierce and poetic way, inviting for constant reconsideration and reframing our shared world".

Joy Harris (Experimental Action, Houston)




Larysa Bauge is a performance artist raised in Belarus and currently based in between several countries in Europe. Bauge’s artistic background is characterized by its diversity. She was trained and worked as an orchestra conductor, composed scores for films and worked as a DJ.

In 2016 she completed a T.I.M.E. Master program (Royal Institute of the Arts, The Hague) after which she mainly focused on performance art. Her graduation project “DONA series” was selected between 400 graduate artists around Europe for the NEU NOW showcase of young artists in Amsterdam. Same year DONA was selected to form part of Our Prime Property collection (

Bauge’s work is shown internationally in museums, art spaces and festivals including:

Venice International Performance Week (IPA, June 2016), Oslo Performance Art Festival (PAO November 2016), Riga Contemporary Art (RCCM, June 2018), New Delhi Contemporary, G-spot gallery (October 2017), Istanbul Performance Art (online exhibition) (September-December 2018) among others.

She passionately promotes performance art by facilitating workshops on Live Art practice (Black Sheep Don’t Lie for artists and not-so-much) and organizing festivals, events and artist run spaces. Currently she co-organizes P.S. This is Live festival in the city in the Hague. In the same time she is an active member of Trixie, a new artist run space in the middle of the Red Light District (

a r t i s t  

s t a t e m e n t

My work challenges the very nature of the concept of belonging, roots, the necessity of being part of something bigger, a family, a tribe, a community, etc. I take this basic instinct as a main poetic driving force, I am on a quest of reestablishing (lost) connections between people.

Strongly influenced by the socially engaged and feminist art practices, I usually work directly with the context and collaborate with concrete people in form of interview, collective music making, improvised theatre. Having gathered this material, I create embodied experiences (performance art pieces), often using sound and participative practices in public spaces.







Revolution!Scholars and Artists Rethinking Political Action (Houston University)

April 2020-May 2020

Conference on Art and Politics organized by Experimental Action, Houston Performance Art Festival. 

Exploring Don Quixote, Performance Art Event, Frankfurt am Main

21.09-30.09.2019, Atelier Orbit/Kunstverein Familie Montez

As part of the exhibition series "ARTIST / DON QUIXOTE", Jürgen Fritz (Black Market International) has invited eleven international performance artists to reflect on the delusion and heroism of one of the best-known anti-heroes of world literature in two long durational  performances. 

DisOrders, Fractured Mind

September 7, 2019 @Korzo Theater, the Hague; September 8, 2019 Kikker Theater, Utrecht; September 13th, 2019. Korzo Theater Full show

Collaborative work on the topic of mental issues with Ensemble Modelo62 and composer Petra Strahovnik (SI), performance art coaching, performer.

STARPTELPA, Riga Performance Art Festival

10.06–17.06.2019, RiSeBA Centre for Art, Architecture and Media

Presenting solo work + conducting a workshop on performance practice Black Sheep Don't Lie. 

CARBONARIUM Performance Art Festival, Kyiv (Ukraine)

5.07–10.07.2019, CARBON Centre for Contemporary Art

Premier of a new work BEATBEET (part 1). 


Performance Opera, July 5th, 8:00 -11:00 pm at Maakhaven, 1e Lulofsdwarsstraat 60, the Hague. Live Performances: July 6th, 7:00-11:00 pm at De Helena, Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3, the Hague. Live Performances: July 7th, 6:30 – 11:00 pm at De Barthkapel, Brouwersgracht 2K, the Hague.

Residency and Performance Festival conducted by Vest&Page and Marilyn Arsem. 

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