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ROOTS 2/...give him a mask and he will tell you the truth...

April 2017

Studio Loos, Den Haag, Netherlands

Photography: Baiba Yurkevich

I sit on the floor with my back facing the audience, one hand in a boxer's glove. In front of me two shoes facing each other and an apple between them. My hands are tied with a pearl string necklace. 

I pass the pearls through my teeth making continuous sound until it breaks and the pearls fall all around. I pick up the pearls and throw them in the glass jar filled with water. I take an apple and slowly throw it in the jar too.

If my hand doesn't let go of the apple, I cannot take my hand out of the jar. 

I step up on the chair. I put my arms in front of me: one hand protected by a boxer's glove - the other one in a glass jar holding an apple. I clash them repeatedly until the glass breaks.

I put one pearl into a male shoe, put on the female shoe and walk away one hand bleeding.  


ROOTS is series of performances with ritualistic character. It was created as an attempt to explore the concept of femininity and a profound feeling of shame and vulnerability connected to its socially-constructed set of behavioral rules and attributes (special case - eastern European culture).

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