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Korpus Culture Centre, Minsk

Collaboration with Yvette Teeuwen

In the RED-circuit we explore found material - 200 m of red curtain, that becomes a sort of arena for interaction between individuals that barely know each other. 

During the course of performance strange signs of struggle, power play, aggression occur. We explore the symbolism of movement and image and attempt creating a dialogue while being observed by the audience. Spontaneously we exchange the roles of dominated and dominant.

The first part of title InReligio came while analyzing the course of our actions. Somehow the created images unintentionally had quite ritualistic, religious character. In the same time we were two barely acquainted people trying to communicate through performance. The classical explanation of the word "religio" has nothing to do with what we understand under "religion" nowadays. It actually derives from re- (again) + lego in the sense of "choose", "go over again" or "consider carefully".  According to modern thinkers though, it comes from ligo "bind, connect". That is re+ligare or "to reconnect".  I found it fascinating how the combination of today's understanding of the concept + its etymological origin both reflect the imagery and intentions of our performative acts. 

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